All Merit Awards by Subject, South Australia, 2015

This report lists for each subject the names of the students who achieved a merit result (20/20) in 2015.

50 of 1230 entries are shown.
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1 Accounting Basedow, Henry Oscar
2 Accounting Gray, Eliza
3 Accounting Jackson, Joshua Roger
4 Accounting McGowan, Jack Christopher
5 Accounting McRae, Cooper William
6 Accounting Mintz, Rebecca Kate
7 Accounting Nicholls, Thomas
8 Accounting Pisani, Darcy
9 Accounting Schneider, Emily Nicole
10 Accounting Zacharakis, Anna-Maria
11 Agricultural and Horticultural Management Starick, Rebekah
12 Agricultural and Horticultural Science Doering, Emily Rose
13 Agricultural and Horticultural Studies Dixon, Jana Alice
14 Agricultural and Horticultural Studies Rodgers, Alyssa Kate
15 Arabic (Continuers) Babaa, Farah
16 Arts and the Community McCarthy, Shanaii Elizabeth
17 Australian and International Politics Pashalidis, Danielle
18 Biology Ahmad, Teham
19 Biology Amberg, Matthew Brayden
20 Biology Ataie Ashtiani, Zahra
21 Biology Atkinson, Amelia Jane
22 Biology Ayyildiz, Melissa
23 Biology Badenoch, Amy
24 Biology Bailey, Thomas William
25 Biology Bishnoi, Neha
26 Biology Brown, Lucy
27 Biology Callisto, Ellen Nicole
28 Biology Cross, Anna Joan
29 Biology De Silva, April Paige
30 Biology Dorrian, Ellen Arlene Coulter
31 Biology Drysdale, Victoria Louise
32 Biology Early, Alexandra Nicole
33 Biology Gan, Timothy Yan Mao'En
34 Biology Gardiakos, Melissa
35 Biology Gathard, Nicole Elise
36 Biology Gill, Michael Harvey
37 Biology Gluyas, Matthew
38 Biology Goddard, Joshua
39 Biology Goetze, Ben
40 Biology Gowda, Akash
41 Biology Hiwase, Abhiram
42 Biology Hughes, Madeleine Kate
43 Biology Johnson, Amy
44 Biology Jones, Tegan Jakana
45 Biology Keatch, Olivia
46 Biology Kour, Jessica
47 Biology Krstic, Emerson Toshiro
48 Biology Lin, Wencong (Lyman)
49 Biology Manning, Bridget Ellen
50 Biology Moloney, Georgia Kate
Last Updated: 2 Jan 2018
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