Australian National Awards

In Australia, a variety of award programs operate nationally for the benefit of high achievers at senior secondary schools and colleges.

These programs reward excellence in both academic and vocational fields.

The Australian Student Prize

The Australian Student Prize is a national prize awarded yearly by the Australian Commonwealth Government to the top 500 Australian senior secondary school students. It is designed to give national recognition to academic excellence and achievement in secondary education.

Prizes are also awarded to students who win medals as part of Australia's team in the various International Olympiads.

The prize consists of a certificate and a cash award of $2000 for each recipient.

The Australian Student Prize program began in April 1991 with the announcement of winners from the 1990 school year. It was renamed as the "Lord Florey Student Prize" in 2006, although this name is not in common usage.

The Australian Government has now discontinued the Australian Student Prize awards, with the last awards being granted in 2014.

Administration of The Australian Student Prize

Students are nominated for the Australian Student Prize by the Ministers of Education in each Australian State and Territory, with the criteria for nomination being decided locally. Allocation of prize quotas amongst the States/Territories is determined by each State/Territory's relative share of the national year 12 student population.

The details of the prize winners are announced by the Federal Minister of Education each year upon completion of the prize winner selection process. Typically this occurs around July of the following year.

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