Subject/Course High Achievers, Western Australia, 2009

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This report lists the winners of Subject Certificate of Excellence awards (formerly Certificate of Distinction awards) in 2009, along with the school that they attended.

These awards are granted by the School Curriculum and Standards Authority to the top 0.5% of students in each tertiary entrance subject based on their examination marks.

Special Subject Certificates of Excellence may be awarded to a student who is ineligible for a Subject Certificate of Excellence but who has otherwise satisfied all other requirements for the award.

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1 English (exam) Subject Cert of Distinction NOT FOR PUBLICATION Perth Modern School Subiaco
2 English as an Additional Language or Dialect Subject Cert of Distinction FLORES, PABLO ANDRES CACERES Perth Modern School Subiaco
3 Geography Subject Cert of Distinction WRIGHT, CHARISSA AMY Perth Modern School Subiaco
4 Music Subject Cert of Distinction BOASE, CALLUM JAMES Perth Modern School Subiaco
5 Music in Society Subject Cert of Distinction BROCKWAY, HANNAH ROSE Perth Modern School Subiaco
6 Philosophy and Ethics Subject Cert of Distinction BARRETT-LENNARD, CHRISTOPHER ALEXANDER Perth Modern School Subiaco
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